Wedding Planning 101

Wedding Planning 101

Hi beauties! You’re newly engaged, and navigating the wedding world can be so fun yet crazy! We’re here to help make the planning process smoother by giving you a checklist for the absolute must haves before waking down the aisle!!

1. Get engaged and celebrate!!

The question has been popped and you have said “yes”! It’s time to share the news and celebrate with family and friends and start thinking about making all your wedding dreams come to life!

2. Gather your guest list, search venues, and set a date!

You’re excited about getting wedding planning started and nailing down the big ticket items is the best way to start any wedding planning process. Putting together your guest list, touring and picking out a venue, and nailing down a wedding date will make everything feel official!

3. Find the perfect photographer and caterer!

Now that you have your venue and the date set it is a must to find the perfect photographer who will capture the pictures you will be looking back on for years to come! If your venue doesn’t have their own preferred catering method this is the perfect time to have all the food and cake tasting fun as well!

4. Say “yes” to your dream dress!

Here at Fabulous Frocks we always say that once you have a venue, a photographer, and a dress you can have a wedding! This is without a doubt the most exciting checklist item for any bride! There is something special about saying “yes” to the dress you’re going to marry your fiancé in with all your favorite girls around to see!

5. Pick out all the florals, bridesmaids dresses, and groomsmen attire!

Now that you have your dress it makes it so much easier to pick out florals, bridesmaid dresses, and groomsmen attire. You are the centerpiece of the big day and having your gown makes it so much easier to plan all the other details around! 

6. Rehearsal dinner time!

The big day is coming up and all the hard work you have put in is finally paying off! The rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to reminisce on the wedding planning process with your closest family and friends and anticipate all the fun that is to come!

7. Wedding day!!

Your big day is finally here and you could not be more excited!! This is the day you have been waiting for and you are ready to seal the deal. The time has come for you to finally walk down the aisle in your dream dress and come back down as a MRS!!

Come take a twirl in some of our beautiful gowns, so we can help you mark another box on your checklist!! Schedule an appointment with us by calling 615-224-3472 or filling out an appointment request on our website. We look forward to having you in the boutique soon!♥


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