Tips for Brides: How to Prepare for Your Wedding Gown Appointment at Fabulous Frocks

Tips for Brides: How to Prepare for Your Wedding Gown Appointment at Fabulous Frocks

Shopping for a wedding gown can give a bride all types of feelings and emotions. Being nervous is normal, but shouldn’t overthrow the feeling of excitement! You are shopping for the most extravagant outfit you will ever wear! What could be more exciting than that?

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To make you feel at ease before your appointment, here are a few things that you can do to prepare:

1. Make sure you will have all your people at your appointment with you!

It is important to have all of your key decision makers with you at your initial bridal appointment. It is always nice to have other opinions that you value. But keep your wedding gown shopping squad small, we recommend no more than four guests – too many opinions can be overwhelming. It is much easier to find your gown than it might seem and when you have the right people with you, you will be ready to say, “I found my frock!” without hesitation! And of course, your loved ones will be there to drinks champs with after you say yes to the dress!

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2. Be open-minded!

Sometimes, we see brides end up in a gown that didn’t fit their original vision. You never know what you will like until you try it on. Staying open-minded about silhouette and fabrication can help you find a beautiful gown that you would have never even thought to have try on in the first place!

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3. Come prepared to find your dress!

It is extremely important to come to your bridal appointment with the mindset that you might find YOUR wedding gown! This is one of the reasons that it is essential to have all of your bride tribe in attendance at your appointment! You never know when you are going to find the gown that you can’t stop thinking about and can see yourself walking down the aisle in- and what a great feeling it is to have one more thing checked off your list as the big day approaches!

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4. Be excited!

Shopping for your wedding gown is such a fun experience! It is a time spent with family and those closest to you! Come prepared to have a great time and try on some beautiful gowns.

We want to make sure your shopping experience is nothing short of FABULOUS! Get ready to celebrate – your frock is waiting for you to find it!

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Are you ready to schedule your appointment? Click here to request your appointment today! We can’t wait to meet you and help you find your frock!


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