Summer Wedding Tips & Tricks

Summer Wedding Tips & Tricks

Planning a summer wedding? We’ve rounded up a few tips to help plan the summer wedding of your dreams!

Tip #1: If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, provide a fan on each seat for your guests to use. A great idea is to print your ceremony program on a fan, which will end up serving a double purpose!

Tip #2: We know that outdoor weddings can become hot quickly without some shade. An easy fix to this issue is to have your reception in a tent. That way, your wedding is still taking place outside, but guests are shaded from the harsh sun rays. This is also a great rain back up plan in case it starts raining on your wedding day. Guests can still be outside during the reception with the protection of a tent.

Tip #3: With the summer months, also come the dreaded mosquitoes. Ask your venue if they provide a service for mosquito control to keep them at bay on your wedding day. If not, ask your wedding planner if they can hire a mosquito control service to spray the outdoor area of your venue. If that’s not an option, then provide a bucket of personal sized bug spray for your guests to use at their own convenience.

Tip #4: If your wedding will be outdoors, be sure to recommend appropriate attire for the location. With the summer heat, make sure your wedding dress is breathable and lightweight, or consider having a shorter reception dress to change into. Consider having your bridesmaids wear short dresses or long lightweight chiffon dresses. Don’t forget the guys! Have them choose a lighter colored suit, and wear less layers. They could wear a shirt with suspender or a suit without the vest. Also, think of the shoes you and your bridesmaids and guests will be wearing. With an outdoor venue, heels will stick into the grass and make it very difficult to walk. If you want a higher heel, consider wearing a wedge. Also, you can provide a basket of flip flops for guests to wear during the reception.

Tip #5: Keep your guests cool with some cold treats. Consider having an ice cream or gelato truck cater your reception. Another idea could be to have Italian ice at your wedding, with some popsicles for the kids to stay cool!

We hope these tips are helpful as you plan your summer nuptials! If you’re in need of a gorgeous gown for your summer wedding, give us a call at 615.224.3472 to book your private appointment today.

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