Behind the Veil: A Missouri Fairytale Wedding

Behind the Veil: A Missouri Fairytale Wedding

If you are at all excited about the upcoming royal wedding across the pond, then you must check out the details from Makayla and Corey’s modern day fairytale wedding right here in Missouri!  Their wedding came with all of the royal feels: a princess ballgown, a castle, and a beautiful couple worthy of being Missouri’s very own prince and princess!

In the bridal gown business, the hardest part is waiting to see how a bride’s vision will come together on the big day.  So, I love staying connected with my brides and Makayla is a real fab frocks bride who I’ve followed on Instagram since she found our gown with us.  I have loved seeing Makayla and Corey’s relationship, wedding, and now marriage pop up on my feed.  Every time I see one of their wedding photos, I get so excited.  And I am so happy to now be able to share their Missouri fairytale wedding and some wedding planning insight from Makayla with you!  Get ready to swoon…

FFKC: Tell us about your wedding! When it was, where it was at, and who helped put it together.

Makayla: Our wedding was on August 4th at Haseltine Estate in Springfield. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect venue to match my fairy tale dress. I had a lot of help putting our wedding together. The majority of help came from my amazing family, first and foremost being my mom. I had seven bridesmaids that were also lifesavers when it came to crafting and helping make my vision come to life.

FFKC: Photographic evidence of family and friends being by Makayla’s side 😉


FFKC: How did you pick your wedding gown?

Makayla: I’ve always been a huge fashionista, so finding the perfect wedding dress was very important to me. I’ve dreamed about my wedding dress since I was a little girl. We’d decided to go around and look at dresses in KC.  I made the mini road trip along side my mom, sisters, and a few friends in hopes of finding my dream dress. Being the procrastinator that I am, we didn’t make appointments anywhere and weren’t having much luck finding any stores that would take us as a walk in. As a last ditch effort, I googled wedding dress shops near me, and Fabulous Frocks was the closest one. It was getting late, but we decided to give it one more shot before calling it a day. I couldn’t have possibly had a better experience than I did at Fabulous Frocks! The girls were so incredibly helpful and helped me find the most beautiful, perfect dress! I’m eternally grateful that we just so happened to walk into that adorable little boutique. My wedding day would not have been complete if it weren’t for Fabulous Frocks helping make my dreams come true!

FFKC: Like seriously, this ballgown was made for Makayla!  It fit her perfectly and could a gown be more perfect for this castle venue?!

FFKC: Such a cute freakin’ couple!

FFKC: Any advice for future brides?
Makayla: Enjoy every bit of it. A wedding is a beautiful thing and you should enjoy every second. Don’t get too stressed out about the little things, I promise they won’t matter in the end. When it comes to dress shopping, try on everything! Even if you have an idea of what you want in your head, try on other styles. I’m sure you’ve heard this before- but it is SO true. I was dead set on wanting a mermaid style, but fell in love with my princess dress! Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something different, it could totally pay off!

Congrats to Makayla and Corey on their fairytale wedding!  Fabulous Frocks wishes them a lifetime of happiness!

Photography: Locke Photography

Venue: Haseltine Estate

Gown: Justin Alexander from Fabulous Frocks of KC


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