Four Things We Are Thankful For

Four Things We Are Thankful For

As temperatures are dropping, families traveling, fireplaces warming, sweets baking, and good food cooking – we hope you are spending time with those you love. Thanksgiving is always a time of reflecting on the blessings that each of us are thankful for. This year we wanted to share with you four things that we are thankful for, even though there are so many more!


  1. Our Brides

Let’s face it, without our growing number of sweet brides, we wouldn’t be where we are. Every single one of you has left a warmth in our hearts. Each bride brings a new story and experience that we are honored to share in! Being a small part of their big day is something we cherish with all.

2. Our Team

Everyone knows that finding the right group of ladies to spend countless hours working together can be tricky. But, our team blends incredibly well because we all want the same thing, to find each bride their perfect gown. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the joy that exudes from a bride and her group when the perfect dress is selected!

3.  Our Designers

One of the incredible things about Fabulous Frocks is the large array of designers that we carry. With 60+ designers in one space, we are truly thankful for each and everyone one of them. They provide such a variety of looks that appeal to all of our brides. We know that they care about our brides just as much as we do because they continue to know the special details and touches that brides fall in love with!


4. Our City

Nashville – you are perfect! While we could do without the ever-increasing traffic, as this city continues to grow, it brings us brides that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. Not only do brides find their gowns, but there are numerous venues to choose from. Whether classic, modern, whimsical, or anything else, Nashville has the perfect space for your wedding and the best professionals to help tie it all together. Go Preds! Go Titans! Go Sounds!


We are sending love to each of our brides, team members, designers, and all of Nashville this Thanksgiving! Thank you for blessing us more than you can ever know! ♥ We would love to share our love to the brides we haven’t met yet- give us a call at (615) 224-3472 or follow the link (http://fabulousfrocksbridal.com/locations/nashville/) to schedule your private appointment today!




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