Tips to Finding Figure Flattering Dresses

Tips to Finding Figure Flattering Dresses

A wedding dress can be one of the biggest purchases of a girl’s life! Picking the right silhouette for your figure is key! Don’t know what silhouette is best for you… well don’t stress! We can help you out with these simple tips to find your best figure flattering dresses! Take a look at some of these dresses that we have in our store that could be your perfect fit!

Are you an Apple shape? Flaunt your curves with an empire-waist dress, which pulls you in under your bust and flows out around your curves, creating a flattering silhouette.

 Paloma Blanca - 4062 Priscilla_of_boston_JL_227


What about an Hourglass? An hourglass figure means you’re well-proportioned and don’t need to disguise anything. Consider yourself lucky! Almost every style will flatter you! Don’t be afraid to show off that figure!

manuel-mota-egipto 1-Farrah

Maybe you’re more of a Pear shape. You have a couple of options here! Look for fitted tops and full or A-line skirts. If you feel comfortable, try a form fitting style to showcase your curves!

4163 Rivini-Tahlia

How about the Petite ladies? Show a little leg and go with short, asymmetrical hemline or long fitted solid gown to make you appear taller.

anne-bowen-short-mini-wedding-dresses-fall-2010-1d Bailey

If you have a Small Bust, and would like to appear differently… we have some great options for you! Emphasize the bust area with an embellished or a v-shaped neckline that will boost your bust.

jim-hjelm-8800 b86a5aa49db51cbad0a133941c1c67f1

If you are still unsure the best advice we can give is to just be open minded! Yes, it’s important to know your own style and not compromise, but you might be surprised how good you look and feel in a style, cut, or length you normally wouldn’t have expected. Dress styles you filled your Pinterest boards with might look terribly unflattering, so there’s nothing to lose by trying on as many silhouettes and styles as you can.



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