Some say that your wedding should be the best party you ever throw and attend in your life. We couldn’t agree more! When else are you going to have everyone you love in one place to celebrate? That being said – you don’t want to go broke buying all of your friends and family that 3rd (or 4th, or 5th….) round. Here are some of our favorite ideas to save your bar tab and your party from getting too out of hand.

Limit happy hour to an hour or two. A father of the bride once told us that after several family weddings and several of his children getting married they discovered the perfect formula – one hour of open bar and after that make it a cash bar. That way you have the best of both worlds. People feel like they have gotten their fill on your tab and hopefully at that point are more than willing to buy their own drink or two.

No party like a tailgate party. I recently attended a wedding where between the ceremony while the bridal portraits were being finished up with the whole party together the bride and groom invited their guests to tailgate in the parking lot. This is perfect for a casual and fun couple who wants to keep their wedding low maintenance and budget friendly. Plus everyone can bring what they want to drink! Just make sure it’s okay with your vendors and venue first!

And our favorite option…

Make it your signature. Most of us have a go to drink that we order everywhere we go (guilty). So why not have your bar service create signature cocktails based on your favorite liquor? That will limit the kinds of alcohol they have to buy and can probably buy it in bulk lowering the cost. It’s also another fun personal touch to add to your wedding! Besides the signature cocktails you can serve one white and one red wine as well a family favorite beer or local craft (with a personalized wedding coozie favor). Check out these fun cocktail recipes and menus we found on Etsy!


Additional Recipes

Wedding Cake Martini: 2 oz vanilla vodka, 1 oz pineapple juice, 1 oz cranberry juice. 

Blushing Bride: Coconut Rum. Pineapple Juice, & Cranberry Juice

Grinning Groom: Dark Rum, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Coconut Cream, & Nutmeg

A New Julep: Maker’s Mark, Lemonade, and Muddled Mint 


Wedding_Day_Accessories“What jewelry should I wear with this dress?” This is a question we get all the time from brides — although there is no right answer, we’re here to help you decide. Whether you’re simply wearing a pair of studs borrowed from your grandmother or rocking all-over bling, your wedding day accessory choices tend to require some deliberation. Already know what kind of jewelry you want? Skip to the bottom of the post to see how you can get all your wedding day accessories for 10% off!

The accessories you choose are all about your own personal preferences, but most brides are on the same page about the following guidelines:

  1. If you have straps, sleeves, or some kind of illusion neckline, it might be best to avoid a necklace. Just let those aspects of your dress do their thing.
  2. If you’re not a huge jewelry-wearer, don’t go to your wedding dripping in diamonds. You want to be yourself on your big day!
  3. If you have the option to wear something meaningful, such as a family heirloom bracelet, wear that and keep the rest fairly simple.
  4. Speaking of keeping it simple, sometimes that’s best. If your gown is strapless, don’t feel like you need to wear a big sparkly necklace with matching earrings. We love the natural look of a bare collarbone with a strapless dress — no need to cover that up unless you want to!
  5. Have fun with it! If you want your “something blue” to be bright blue pumps, you do you!

SG_EarringsPerhaps the most common accessory donned by brides, earrings are often considered a must. Depending on your gown and your own personal style, you can opt for simple pearl or diamond studs, or something more eye-catching, like the sparkly chandelier stunners above. Another factor to consider is your hairstyle — some brides like to have their hair down and wear non-fussy studs while others prefer an updo so they can rock fabulous drop earrings.

HeadpiecesSG_CombsAnother great option to consider is a headpiece. Hair combs, flowers, hairbands, tiaras — you name it. If you feel like you need a little something extra but you aren’t much of a chandelier earring kind of girl, a headpiece is your new best friend. Whether your hair is up or down, headpieces are super easy to incorporate into your hairstyle.

DylanNecklace_CloseA necklace is another very common accessory to wear on your wedding day. As stated above, necklaces aren’t always needed — especially if your gown has a lot going on already — but if jewelry is your thing or you have a “something borrowed” necklace from Granny, go for it! If you do choose to wear a necklace, we love the look of a strand of pearls or the sweet pendant shown above.

Connie_braceletWe think bracelets are the perfect accessory to really have fun with. They usually don’t take away from your dress, are fairly small, and they won’t end up in every single picture like your earrings/necklace/headpiece probably will. If you want to sport a flashy cuff bracelet, we approve!

HarlowSash_1Here at Fabulous Frocks, we think sashes can be serious gamechangers on the right dress. Nothing like a sparkly sash or champagne-colored ribbon to add a little contrast and bring even more attention down to your tiny waist! If bling isn’t your thing, even a plain ribbon sash can define the smallest part of you in a super-flattering way. Another great option is to go sash-less for the ceremony, then put it on as a fun flair for party time at the reception!

MackenzieVeil_Reshoot_MidBrides often ask us if they “should” wear a veil — again, there is no right answer! It’s totally up to you and your style, but we think veils can be gorgeous! In our humble opinion, there’s nothing prettier than a floor-length veil billowing in the breeze as you walk down the aisle. Then you can remove it for the reception or switch it out with a short veil/birdcage so it’s not in your way on the dance floor. Depending on your dress, you can opt for a lace edge, ribbon edge, or just simply raw edge. If you feel like floor-length is a little too much, you can always choose fingertip- or elbow-length. To confuse you even more, a blusher covering your face during the ceremony is also an option, although more traditional.

Milk_HoneyLast but not least, your shoes are kind of a big decision. After all, you can’t get your gown hemmed until you have them picked out! Unless your dress is tea length or has a high-low hemline, no one will really see your kicks, so wear whatever is most comfortable. Flats are obviously the most  fuss-free, but a good wedge or shorter heel can be just as comfy. Just make sure you give your shoes a trial day so you’re not faced with surprise blisters on your big day — those were not on your registry. Not sure what shoes to get? Check out our blog post on Milk and Honey shoes here!

Bottom line, the accessories you choose for your wedding all depend on personal preference. Wear whatever fits your style and have fun doing it — remember, you want to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day!

Love the jewelry pictured above? So do we! The gorgeous accessories in this post are from Sara Gabriel, and they are all handmade in America. If you see something you want, it’s your lucky day — we order all Sara Gabriel pieces at Fabulous Frocks! If you’re near our Charleston store this weekend (April 4 & 5), make an appointment to check out the Sara Gabriel Trunk Show. Not only will you get free mimosas & sweet treats, you get 10% your Sara Gabriel order! Call Fabulous Frocks of Charleston at (843) 754-1855 to snag a slot before they’re gone!

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tumblr_m3gntqqmre1qiis88o1_12801When you get engaged, it isn’t just your wedding you have to dress for — there’s also your engagement party, bridal shower, bridesmaids’ luncheon, and rehearsal dinner. At these events, all eyes are pretty much on you, so your outfits have to be on point. We know it can be a little overwhelming to plan all of these adorable outfits when you have a million other things on your to-do list, so we’re here to help. Wedding gowns aren’t the only frocks we’ll help you find!

The Engagement Party
Bridal Shower 2
For your first event as a newly-engaged gal, you’ll want to look pretty, polished, and sophisticated. We think this black patterned dress is just subtle enough to let your new rock speak for itself — that’s what everyone will be looking at, anyway! To spice up the look a bit, try these chartreuse pumps for a good pop of color – yes those are gold glitter-covered heels! To complete the look, grab a gold clutch, accessorize with colorful earrings, a simple heart ring, and a pretty pink pout.

The Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower
Since bridal showers are generally all-women, feel free to amp up the girlie vibe of your outfit. We love the fun yet classic feel of this coral dress  — swooning at those scallops! Finish off the outfit with tan wedges, a cream-colored bag with gold hardware, and classic bridal polish, “Bubble Bath” by OPI. As for accessories, try this bright statement necklace, super feminine gold bow studs, and chain link bracelet.

The Bridesmaids’ Luncheon
Bridal Shower 4
Another females-only event, your bridesmaids luncheon is a great time to rock feminine, trendy looks. We absolutely love the bridal feel of this mint-colored frock, especially the subtle sparkle in the belt. To bring down the dressiness factor a hair, we opted for flats – how adorable are these metallic sandals? To top off the look, go for a stylish chevron clutch, a pair of classic wayfarers, this girlie-meets-edgy necklace, a feminine gold watch, and a pop of coral in your mani.

The Rehearsal Dinner
Bridal Shower 3
The last outfit you wear before the big day (finally!) should be chic, timeless, and maybe even a little bridal. Lots of women choose to wear a white dress at their rehearsal dinner to really play up the bride vibe, but we went with a more subtle option with this cream & blush dress. Top it off with classic wedges, this seriously adorable bumblebee clutch, perfect earrings for the occasion, a chunky gold bracelet, this fun stone ring, and simple nude nails.

Which look is your favorite?

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Though it might be one of the last things you check off your list, your wedding day mani is definitely something to think about. Your nails may seem like a minute detail that no one will notice, but a fresh manicure will give you a pretty, polished look — pun intended. Trust us, your nails will sneak into more pictures than you think (see photo above). Whether you want to go French, colorful, or bare, we’ve got it all covered.


If you want to go classic, opt for a French mani, soft shades of blush/nude, or clear. Whether you choose a glossy or matte finish, this will give you a more natural look, as well as allow your dress and ring have all the attention. If you want a simple flair, layer a coat of subtle shimmer on top of your mani.


Trying to go a little more luxe? For a more glamorous feel, go for metallics & glitter. I love the look of a sparkly topcoat at the base or tips of your nails, painted over a subtle gold, nude, or blush color. If you want all-over glitter, try the gold sequin-inspired mani above.


Want to make more of a statement with your mani? We totally get it. Your dress is white, your shoes are blush, your hair is perfectly coiffed — you need a fun, trendy flair to let everyone know you’re still in there. For these bold brides, we suggest a playful accent nail, such as a heart, a “ring” design on that special finger, or a glitter accent nail paired with your something blue.

Whether you want to go classic, glam, or fun & trendy, we’ve selected our favorite wedding day nail lacquers to get you started.


  1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sheer Me Now, $8.47
  2. Mac Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Pep Pep Pep, $22
  3. Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle, $8.50
  4. Butter London Nail Lacquer in Trallop, $15
  5. Chanel Le Vernis in Emprise, $39
  6. Ciaté Paint Pots in Stawberry Shake, $20
  7. OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath, $19.95 (bride favorite)
  8. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Rose Lounge, $12 (Kate Middleton approved!)

Which wedding day nails will you be rocking?

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NakedCakesDon’t worry, y’all, this post is safe for work! Totally G-rated, “naked” cakes are one of the latest trends in wedding cakes. If you want to do something a little different for your cake that isn’t cupcakes, this fad is for you.

The organic-looking design of the naked cake generally features thick blankets of buttercream icing and fruit between each layer, then left exposed with no icing to cover the outside of the cake. Naked cakes are then usually topped off with more fruit, flowers, powdered sugar, or any other designs/toppings that match the theme of the wedding.

Although some may consider this “unfinished” or your sweet tooth fiancé might yearn for more frosting, this style allows for the simple beauty of the cake to speak for itself. In our humble opinion, we find this design rustic, natural, and effortless. Also, I’m sure we’ve all experienced a wedding cake with way too much frosting & fondant — this eliminates that problem easily and beautifully.


Whether your big day will be a winter wonderland or a summer barn wedding, the naked cake can fit seamlessly into your theme. For more warm-weather cakes, you can use summer fruit and wildflowers, then perch it on top of a tree trunk. For the holiday season, opt for sprigs of rosemary, wintertime berries, flurries of powdered sugar, and pinecones.

Another component to consider is whether you want light-colored batter such as vanilla, something more sultry like red velvet or chocolate, or a pretty pink strawberry cake (see below). Since the cake will not be covered up with frosting like most are, the color of the batter plays a role in the vibe you want to achieve.


What do you think of this up-and-coming trend? Would you try this rustic laid-back look, or do you find it incomplete?

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Blush3Blush is having a major moment in the world of weddings, and we’re all for it. Whether it’s bridesmaids dresses, flower arrangements, cakes, shoes, or even wedding gowns, this pretty pale hue is everywhere.

Blush kind of gets a bad rap — but it is not to be confused with light pink. Light pink is often considered an overdone, cliché wedding color or “way too girlie” from your fiancé’s point of view. Just think of blush as light pink’s more mature, prettier older sister.

Not quite pink, not quite peach, with a pinch of nude — blush may be hard to define, but it’s easy to incorporate into your wedding.

The Dress

BlushReady to dive right in to this popular pink? Try on a few blush wedding dresses! This color might look strange to you when it’s next to all of the ivory dresses you picked out, but take it from the pros, it looks incredible once you put it on. Blush has some sort of inexplicable magical power that causes it to look amazing on everyone. The soft hue not only flatters virtually every skin tone, but also gives the impression of tan, glowing skin — even if you’ve been cooped up inside watching Netflix all winter. We’re obsessed with the beautiful blush gown (above, middle) by Romona Keveza — now available at Fabulous Frocks of Charleston!

The Cake

Blush2If you’re looking for a more subtle way to bring blush into your big day, opt for a blush-colored cake! If your flower arrangements also have some blush in them, include a few blossoms into your cake or around the cake stand to really tie your color scheme together. Not sure what other colors to pick? We love blush with gold (bonus points for rose gold!), cream, darker pink, and peach. For a fun, trendy twist, try mint green as an accent color!

Other subtle ways to add blush: bridesmaids dresses, shoes, table settings, decorations, invitations & more!

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If you’re a bride on the fence about whether or not to do airbrush makeup, don’t fret. . . here at Pink Dot Beauty Bar we have you covered! Here’s a few tidbits about airbrush and why we think its just so darn fab:

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.14.29 PM

no. 1. Airbrush equals longevity! Airbrush makeup lasts for a full 12-hour day in all weather conditions. With that said, if you’re a spring or summer bride we highly suggest going with waterproof airbrush makeup (like our favorite  Hydroproof by Kett Cosmetics). This formula is extremely waterproof – you can splash your face with water and your makeup wont budge a bit! As an added bonus there’s no fear in hugging your guests, tearing up at the best man’s speech, and breaking a sweat during the cha cha slide!

no. 2. Airbrush is light as a feather! It can look barely there for the all-natural bride or full coverage for the lady diva- we even use it for heavy-duty tattoo and scar coverage.  One of the great qualities of airbrush is that it feels better than regular foundation. Your pores wont be clogged with heavy layers because the makeup is gently and thinly veiled on your skin. Not only will you feel better while you are wearing it, but your skin will thank you later. Because the makeup is so lightweight, you can also layer it for the perfect glow while still appearing au naturale. Airbrushing should never look like a mask or feel caky, but you’re still bound to achieve maximum red carpet potential!

no. 3. A trial run is highly recommended for a first timer! This is the best way to get to know your makeup artist so you are both relaxed on your big day. It’s super important that you’re both on the same page about your desired look so bringing inspirational photos is a really fantastic idea! A smokey eye and a “dewey” face mean very different things to different people!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.14.18 PM


When you need to look your best, choosing your makeup is super important. At Pink Dot Beauty Bar we think airbrush makeup is a great way to go if you’re looking for a beautifully flawless look on your big day!

xoxo, Pink Dot Beauty Bar


Choosing bridesmaids dresses isn’t always easy. Your bridesmaids most likely have all different body types, skin tones, personal styles, hair cuts — you name it. Luckily, the fairly recent trend of mismatching bridesmaids dresses is becoming huge, which might just be the perfect solution to this common issue.

Whether the dresses are the same color but different styles, or the same style but different shades of one hue, this fad is everywhere we look. Even celebs like Molly Sims are embracing the mix & match trend (see below)!


Want to try mismatched bridesmaids dresses at your wedding but not sure how? We’re here to help. Follow these guidelines to pull off this up-and-coming trend flawlessly!

  1. Make an inspiration board: Whether it’s a notebook full of magazine clippings or a Pinterest board, this will be helpful to determine exactly what look you ‘re going for.
  2. Decide what aspect you would like to mismatch: Do you want to mix & match styles? Colors? Textures? If you really want to dive into this fad, try all three!
  3. Choose your color scheme: If you already have a color scheme for your big day, great! You can incorporate one or several of these colors into the bridesmaids dresses. If you don’t have a specific color in mind, swing by Lowe’s and pick up some paint samples for a little inspiration.
  4. Pick out a special flair for your maid of honor: Whether it’s a specific pattern, texture, piece of jewelry, or hairstyle, lots of brides want their MOH to have a little something extra. As long as it doesn’t outshine you, of course, but that’s impossible.
  5. Tie it all together: To do this, each bridesmaid should have some sort of uniform item, such as the same studs or shoes. If you’re worried the mismatched trend might look disorganized, this component will give the bridesmaids a unified look — so leave the worrying to your planner, you don’t want wrinkles on your wedding day!


Another helpful tip is to ask your bridesmaids what they want! No one knows what would look best on them like they do, which will make your job even easier. For more inspiration, visit our Bridesmaids board on our Pinterest page!

What do you think of mismatched bridesmaids dresses? Comment to let us know what you think!

For more help planning your wedding, check our blog post, You Just Got Engaged! Now What? for a great timeline and other helpful tips!

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We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be hosting two Sara Gabriel Trunk Shows! Each show will be a small sampling of some of our favorite Sara Gabriel pieces — just in time for your spring or summer wedding. We will have samples of veils, headpieces, jewelry, sashes, and more!


Upcoming Trunk Shows:

Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria

When: Friday January 10th & Saturday January 11th
: 1901 B Mount Vernon Ave Alexandria, VA 22301

Fabulous Frocks of Charleston

When: Friday February 14th & Saturday February 15th*
Where: 100 Church Street Charleston, SC 29401
*Can’t make it to Charleston in February? They will be hosting another trunk show the weekend of April 4th!

Fabulous Frocks of Charlotte

When: Friday March 7th & Saturday March 8th*
Where: 14231 Market Square Dr, Charlotte, NC 28078


Are you as impatient as we are? To keep your excitement at bay, browse Sara Gabriel’s website to pick out your faves. See you then!

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930e5655be3bdc63c16603c99bd8a242Get engaged over the holidays? Congratulations! Like many newly-engaged couples, you might have no idea how to begin planning. Well we’ve got good news for all you lovebirds — we’re here to help!

Depending on your budget, engagement period, and personal preferences, wedding planning varies among brides. However, the top 5 things most of our brides take care of first are:
1. Date & venue
2. Make registry
3. Choose vendors & officiant
4. Select bridal party
5. Dress shopping!

These suggestions are obviously not set in stone, and they will differ immensely depending on the bride. If you’re more of a visual learner than a list lover, we adore this picture-perfect flowchart by Lauren Conrad (below). Not only is it cute, it’s also super helpful!
Some other sites we love when it comes to planning your wedding are:
The Knot
My Wedding
Real Simple
Charleston Wedding Guide

Make sure to check out our wedding planning pins on our Fabulous Frocks Pinterest page!
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If you’re anything like we are, you ended up putting off Christmas shopping until the last minute again. If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need stocking stuffers for your significant other or a white elephant gift for your friend’s party this weekend, we’ve got you covered.

For Your Bestie:

  1. Minimergency Kit: This isn’t something most people buy for themselves, but it’s something every girl needs. Inside that tiny pouch, you’ll find a needle & thread, deodorant, lip balm, a tampon, and numerous other life savers.
  2. Gold, Glittery & Leopard: Your BFF/sister/coworker will absolutely love a gold monogram necklace, a cute Kate Spade iPhone case, a leopard clutch, and glittery flats. Guaranteed.
  3. Beauty/Hair Products: You can never go wrong with a gift pack of eos, Essie, and no-crease hair ties.
  4. Clothes & Stuff: This H&M star sweater will be your BFF’s new wardrobe staple, those adorable jammies will keep her cozy on Christmas morning, and the 5-pack of panties will last forever.

For Your Guy:

  1. Entertainment: Video games such as Grand Theft Auto V & Call of Duty Ghosts, Breaking Bad seasons on DVD, boy movies like Die Hard, boy books like Game of Thrones, and tickets to see his fave band, comedian, or play will score you major points in the thoughtful gf/wife department.
  2. Grooming & Gadgets: Things your guy needs but doesn’t think to buy for himself are always a good bet. This includes a nice electric shaver, a swiss army knife (bonus: great for when you break a nail), and a classic cologne like Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio — cologne gets a bad rap for being a boring gift, but this stuff smells so good that it’s basically a gift for you too.
  3. Clothes & Stuff: Cozy socks/slippers, a nice tie, and a good pair of leather gloves are always a good idea; they’re timeless and will last for years to come.

Where to find:
eos gift pack   |   monogram necklace   |   minimergency kit   |   iPhone case   |   star sweater   |   calf hair pouch   |   glitter flats   |   hair ties   |   essie holiday set   |   panties pack   |   flannel pjs

video games   |   electric shaver   |   charcoal socks   |   breaking bad   |   die hard   |    slippers   |   plaid tie   |    swiss army knife   |   concert tickets   |   leather gloves   |   game of thrones books   |   giorgio armani cologne

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“The moments before a bride gets ready to walk down the aisle are filled with anticipation and excitement. She gets a letter from her soon-to-be that makes her feel like truly loved, blessed that she found her soul mate, and that this day will be the best day of her life. She wants to make sure that everything is just perfect, her make-up, her shoes, and the way her dress makes her feel like a princess.”




Winship Productions, from our September window display, teamed up with Blue Planet Green Events and Event DRS to create a beautiful winter window display for us. They wanted to create a beautiful bridal suite: “We wanted to recreate this moment and let the window serve as a crystal ball for the window-shopper. We want the bride to look in on this moment and picture herself in it.”




“We wanted to recreate this moment and let the window serve as a crystal ball for the window-shopper. We want the bride to look in on this moment and picture herself in it.”

To recreate this they wanted to make the window look like a vintage bridal suite. The back of the window would have elegantly hung sheer white fabric tied back with a garland made of winter greens. A crystal chandelier from Event DRS would hang in the back providing a romantic and elegant light.
The vintage couch from 428 Main Vintage Rentals has a veil beautifully draped over it, with necklace to compliment it with a cute pair of shoes creating the preparation and anticipation of the ceremony to come. The jewelry and accessories are from Fabulous Frocks.


Two beautifully winter-inspired Fabulous Frocks Dresses hang and on each side looking like she’s ready to slip in to it. Which will she choose?


We have loved working with all of these vendors and it was wonderful to have a few of them back again! Next time you’re taking a winter stroll in Charleston, be sure to stop by our window! Until then, check out the pictures from Peter Miller Photography!


The crystal chandelier from Event DRS

Shoes and earrings from Fabulous Frocks!

Hanging floral arrangements from Blue Planet Green Events.

Couch from 428 Main Vintage